Schedule of the procession of St. Efisio 2015 in Cagliari

Schedule of the procession of St. Efisio 2015 in Cagliari

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The Festival of Saint Efisio is the most magnificent of Sardinia, as well as the most important festival of Mediterranean area with respect to its length (over 80 Km) and the villages represented by their typical costumes. It covers the period from 1 to 4 May and stretches along a route with specific stages, from Cagliari to Nora and back.

Having reached the 359th edition, the Festival of Saint Efisio honours a vow made by the municipality of Cagliari in 1652, when the help of Saint Efisio was invoked to defeat the Black Death which struck Sardinia from 1652 to 1656. The first edition of this procession took place in 1657 and, since then, as agreed in the vow to the Saint, every year, from the first to the fourth day of May, it is celebrated the mercy received bearing the statue of the Saint in pilgrimage towards Nora.The procession of St. Efisio in Cagliari

Schedule of the procession of St. Efisio in Cagliari

1 May:

10:00 The procession opens with “traccas” (richly decorated ox carts with flowers), followed by 3,500 people belonging to different groups, wearing traditional costumes from all over Sardinia, and 300 knights belonging to the Guardiania, to the Militians and the Campidanese knights. They start from viale Fra Ignazio, going through Via Porto Scalas and Via Azuni to finally reach Piazza Yenne.

12:00 In Via Azuni, the coach with the statue of the Saint will join the procession, after the Mass celebrated at 11:00 in the church of Saint Efisio (in via Sant’Efisio, crossing Via Azuni). The procession will continue with the following ininerary: Piazza Yenne, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Via Sassari, Piazza del Carmine, Via Crispi, Via G.M. Angioy, Via Mameli, Largo Carlo Felice, Via Roma, Via Sassari, Viale la Playa, Villaggio Pescatori, Giorgino. This is the most spectacular part of the celebration, accompanies by the sound of “Launeddas”, ancient wind instruments of Sardinia and coloured by flower petals covering the streets surface of Via Roma. Along this route, terraces are arranged on either sides of the streets, from where it is possible to enjoy the procession.

15:00 Arrival at the church of Saint Efisio in Giorgino, where the Saint is transferred in a more suitable cart for the journey, with new dresses, according to tradition, to protect gold from “robbers” along the way towards Nora.

From Giorgino onwards, the procession becomes the real pilgrimage of devote to Saint Efisio.

The first stop at Maddalena Shore lasts approximately 30 minutes, with a small celebration.

From Maddalena Shore, the cart and its followers pass through the Province route 195 until the junction with Fruttidoro in the square of the church of Saint Efisio in “Su Loi”. After a short stop for oxen, the cart continues until Villa D’Orri and stops at the chapel which is property of the Marquis of Villahermosa for a celebration on honour of the deaths. After the blessing, the procession continues towards Sarroch, final stage of the day, in order to continue its walk to Nora the next day.The festival of Sant'Efisio

Hours: 10:00 (Beginning of Procession), 12:00 the Saint joins the procession

Location: Cagliari, between Largo Carlo Felice and Via Roma

Tickets for terrace seats: Boxoffice, viale Regina Margherita, Cagliari

Event organized by: Municipality of Cagliari, Confraternity of the Gonfalon

Tickets: (Box Office - Viale Regina Margherita, Cagliari)

Seats prices:

  • 25€ grandstands on Via Roma side Palazzo Vivanet and via Roma opposite the Town Hall (770 seats)
  • 25€ stands in front of Via Roma Palazzo Vivanet (190 seats including 30 in the platform for the disabled in wheelchairs)
  • 20€ grandstand opposite Largo Carlo Felice (400 seats)
  • 15€ grandstand dislocated in Piazza Matteotti (370 seats)

Accommodations near the church of Sant'Efisio: The Place - B&B

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