Cooking Class and dinner with Davide Oldani

Cooking Class and dinner with Davide Oldani

From June 05, 2015 17:00 until June 05, 2015 23:00 Save to calendar

On 5 June, the Convento San Giuseppe, in Cagliari, will host a Cooking Class with a master of exception, the globally renowned chef Davide Oldani.

Davide Oldani is a chef and owner of the restaurant D’O in Milan, as well as one of the most famous Italian chefs. Protagonist of several TV broadcastings and writer of books dedicated to cooking, he has been appointed Ambassador for Expo 2015 with the purpose to create a gastronomic image, representing the Universal Exhibition.

davide oldaniThe chef defines his cooking style as Pop kitchen, creating a true and innovative philosophy of taste: “My POP kitchen was born from my desire to merge the essential with well-done, the good with cost-effective, innovation and tradition.”

On 5 June, he will hold a Cooking Class at the Convento San Giuseppe, open to everybody, professional and amateur chefs. The subject of the day will be exactly the Pop kitchen, in a journey to discover harmony and balance of contrasts and textures, between soft, crispy, hot, cold, sweet and bitter. At the end of the course, a dinner will be served, open to all the participants and bookers, to whom also chef Oldani will take part.

Making everything magic will be the elegant and rural context of the Convento San Giuseppe, ancient friary of Vittorini Monks and of the Scolopian Fathers, which hosts nowadays high-level food and wine events.

This will be the starter of the GOLF & LIFESTILE EVENT which will take place on 5-6-7 June between the Convento San Giuseppe and the Is Molas Golf Club, sponsored by Confcommercio of Cagliari.

Schedule of the day with Davide Oldani

From 17:00 to 23:30:

  • Cooking Class with Davide Oldani
  • Cooking Contest
  • Dinner with Davide Oldani


  • 150€ - Cooking Class and dinner served at the Convento San Giuseppe
  • 50€ - participation to dinner only

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