20 Oct Cagliari Holidays at Tattoo Convention Cagliari 2014

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The seventh edition of the Tattoo Convention, held in the Setar Hotel at Quartu Sant’Elena between 22nd and 25th August 2014, was, this year again, a great success.

A picture of Tattoo convention in CagliariThe event involved over 9,000 visitor, which, during the three days of the exhibition, moved into the three areas of the Hotel reserved for the Convention. Two halls were prepared with over 150 booths for dealers, piercers and tattoo artists coming from all over Italy, as well as from the rest of the World, engaged in tattoing hundreds of people, in every part of the body, several different items and subjects, under the eyes of the courious visitors. One hall was dedicated to artistic and craftmans exhibitions and showcasing, where concerts, magic shows, burlesque and dancing shows. Finally, in an external garden with outdoor tables, some handcrafted beer from Sardinia was offered among other things, and it was possible to admire the creation of a mural painting made by several artists during the convention.

The Tattoo Convention is an opportunity for all!

An opportunity for those wishing to decorate their body with tattoos, to choose and admire all the styles of this art, from traditional to contemporary and avant-garde styles, from realistic to Japanese, and wish to get in touch with the best tattoo artists, and understand who possess the right style for their taste and wishes.

An opportunity for all the body artists to approach their colleagues, specialised in the most different styles, and discover, through the boots of other operators of the industry, new technologies for tattoos, plugs and piercings.

For me, who have never been tattoed before, and never really approached this art, it was an opportunity to satisfy my curiosity. To see so many people being tattoed, and their faces, which I would expect to be more suffering rather than cheerful, the expression of their wishes through the subject chosen. For sure, I expected more pain and screams, completely absent, except for those of a boy who screamed out loud for joke every time the tattoo artist approached the tattoo machine to his calf, among general laughter.

An opportunity for those who, for one reason or another, thanks to this Convention, had the opportunity to visit our wonderful city and its waterfront, seat of this extraordinary event.

The Tattoo Art is one of the most peculiar figurative arts. The body, with its individual and specific features, becomes a white canvass for the tattoo artist who create a new, different and original work every time tailored to the fancy of the client.

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