20 Oct Where to go shopping in Cagliari

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Today, I will show you the best shopping streets in Cagliari.

Before talking of crazy shopping, I believe useful to give you some small hints to let you enjoy the best shopping in Town (from personal experience):

  • Use comfortable shoes, suitable to walk long distances and not suffer from foot pain!
  • Wear a cap to protect from the sun of our sunny city.
  • Women: leave your men in hotel, otherwise farewell to shopping!
  • Men: leave your women at the Spa, otherwise put your soul to rest: they will choose for you!

And now, let’s start with our hints for a crazy shopping :-)

The route

Going along via Roma, considered as a point of departure, we can make excellent shopping at the Rinascente shopping centre. Continuing along the same street, we will find luxury jewelry stores.

Via Roma, an ancient street of the City, is full of clothing stores, ranging from high-fashion to young fashion, costume stores and shoe shops. A great variety of choice!

Leaving via Roma a tour left, we go upstream Largo Carlo Felice, a beautiful boulevard hosting many stores on both sides.

I would recommend to men the left side of the boulevard: here they can make excellent shopping in several boutiques, instead, women can indulge on the right side of the boulevard, among exclusive-brand boutiques and vintage accessories.

At the end of Largo Carlo Felice, we will reach Yenne square, where I recommend a short stop for a good aperitif with a glass of wine (obviously, Sardinian wine) and a taste pf " Guttiau" bread. From Yenne square, we continue towards via Manno, a limited traffic area where we can wander without any problems. This street host innumerous franchising shops and some among the most ancient and elegant shops in Cagliari, where we will find the grand brands of Made in Italy and global fashion, like Prada, Gucci, Burberry and Fendi.

In Piazza Costituzione, on the left, we can see the wonderful Saint Remy’s Bastion. Finally, now we can get downhill! Leaving the Bastion behind, I recommend you to turn into Via Sulis, a small, recently refurbished. It is a pictoresque and chic corner of the city. From the bar at the beginning, to the vintage shops (with wonderful items), from the wonderful boutiques to the dream jewelry shops, Via Sulis will make you dream (and buy!).

Let’s continue along Via Garibaldi, another limited traffic area, featuring perfume and cosmetic shops, leather stores, opticians, clothing stores for man and woman, jeans shops, luggage items and lingerie boutique. Having reached the limits of Via Garibaldi, we continue on the right towards Via Alghero, among small boutiques, bards and household goods stores.

Now, at the first traffic light in Via Alghero, you will have to choose one among the following options:

  • Option No.1: Cross the street and go straight along Via Alghero among high-fashion stores. At the end of the street, in Piazza della Repubblica, I recommend to turn left into Via Dante and continue among small shops, wine bars and bookstores.
  • Option No. 2: Turn right into Via Sidney Sonnino, continuing your shopping among boutiques, art and delicacies in the many excellent pastry shops. Also, I recommend you a stop at the EX-MA or in the wonderful antiques shops. At the end of Via Sonnino, looking in front of you, you will see the Port of Cagliari, cross the street and you will be in Via Roma again.
  • Option No.3: Turn left into Via Sidney Sonnino, continuing your shopping in the various exclusive-brand shops and franchising shops. At the end of Via Sonnino, we continue along Via Paoli, where I advise you to taste a croissant (rigorously freshly-prepared). At the end of this, you will find yourself in front of a roundabout. Keeping the left and choose the second route. You will find yourself in Via Dante Alighieri, among small jewelry shops, man fashion shops, UPIM and OVIESSE.

Now, what you say? Did you enjoy your comfortable shoes and hat? :-)

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