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Panoramic view of Costa Rei Panoramic view of Costa Rei Cagliari Holidays

What to visit at Costa Rei in Sardinia: a route among flavours, beaches, history and leisure.

Today with bring you to a one day trip at Costa Rei, to the discovery of the territory of Sarrabus among beaches, mountains and good food.

Costa Rei is a small village belonging to the municipality of Muravera, located in one of the wildest corners of South-East Sardinia. During Summer season, it is animated, by day and night, among the numerous places on the beach, offering different events, restaurants, shops and many villas featuring the place.

The beauties of the surrounding territory offer much more than the beaches with finest sand and crystal-clear water: Costa Rei is very close to the wonderful mountains of Castiadas, inhabited by deers, boars and eagles; it is part of a territory which is suitable for pasturing flocks and cattle, granting an excellent culinary tradition and high-quality products. Besides, Sarrabus is a land enriched with evidence of the beginning of history of Sardinia, with menhir, DomusdeJanas (fairy houses) and nuraghes.

Menhir in Costa Rei

How to reach and what to carry at Costa Rei

Costa Rei is located at about 70 km from Cagliari, that can be travelled by car along the SS.125 var Eastern Sardinian, in approximately 45 minutes. For the itinerary we are suggesting, few luggages are needed: a couple of swimsuits, a pair of t-shirts, beauty case equipped with sun cream and after-sun, a sweatshirt and trousers for wet evenings.

The shore of Cala Sinzias: a wonderful sea, services and catering

During our trip, we have been at Cala Sinzias, which can be reached from Costa Rei going Southwards along the SP 18. it is shores stretching out for about 2 km , characterised by a sandy bottom, where the water remains at your legs for a long stretch from the banks, and by a water fauna rich of different species, among which you may see sea-urchins, octopus, bamboo fishes and mullets. It has many seaside resorts, each separated by hundred meters of free beach; these offer several services like showers, toilets, boat rent and equipment for water sports, deckchairs and big umbrellas. In addition to an excellent kitchen and bar service, some of these kiosks are animated by night as discotheques. You may enjoy an appetiser, fancying a cup of icy prosecco a few steps away from the dock, at affordable prices, or take advantage from the sea and earthen kitchen for the main meals.

Cala Sinzias in Costa Rei

The not-to-miss typical products at Costa Rei

At Costa Rei there are many markets, very easy to reach in the village, but, exploring the surrounding territory you may buy from small local manufacturers that grant high-quality products and (sometimes) cost-effective prices. For example, in the small location of Camisa, a few km away from Costa Rei, you will find a lane along S.P. 20 con with retailers of local and craftsmanship productions. Among the baking products, we really recommend you taste the Coccoi Prenas, small pies of semolina pasta with a filling of soft potatoes, pecorino cheese and mint, and the Prazziddas, a typical pizza stuffed with Summer vegetables. Among the dairy products, you may choose among goat milk cheese, cow milk cheese and sheep milk cheese, all made of milk coming from farms located in Sarrabus.

Typical products Coccoi Prenas at Costa Rei

Natural and historical beauties in the surroundings of Costa Rei

The territory is hilly, and from every height you can admire the blue sea reaching darker blue tones over the horizon; the uncontaminated hills are coloured by the typical plants of the maquis and by the prickly pears. Among these are located the numerous archaeological monuments, like the small site of Cuile Piras. Here can be found more than 50, stones of approximately 60 cm length, set vertically in the earth. These artefacts should belong to the nuragic period, and show the passing of seasons by the moving of celestial bodies. The place is located along the3 SP 97, between Olia Speciosa and Capo Ferrato; it is not well reported, but with a bit of sense of adventure, gathering information from the people you meet leaning towards by change, you will be able to admire the monoliths, sorted in rows, among wild herbs and cardoon flowers and a huge ancient tree.

That's all for now. We will soon deal with other monuments and the territory very soon! Our one day trip at Costa Rei ends with a night walk along the sea, barefoot, with a wonderful moon on the horizon over the sea, like saying goodbye.

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