08 Apr Best 5 travel apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

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Best 5 travel apps Best 5 travel apps Cagliari Holidays

Smartphones and Tablets fully became our life companions, hi-tech objects, of which is impossible to make less, especially when travelling.

They allow us to surf our favourite websites, send and receive messages and e-mails, use APPS for any purposes; more, they combine the standard phone services with GPS, voice recognition and QR-code reading technologies.

Exactly the APPs, taking full advantage of our smartphones or tablets technology, to make these object valuable substitutes of our home computers, espercially when travelling.

In this article, we would like to introduce you what we consider the best apps for travels of iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Travel Apps for iOS and Android

Here is the ranking of the Top 5 Travel Apps for iOS and Android according to Cagliari Holidays’ editorial staff:

Wifi Finder

Smartphones totally depend on internet connection and, when travelling, one is almost always obliged to rely on his/her data network, which often guarantees few gigabytes of surfing.

If you don’t want to be without your internet connection, and if you don’t want to spend much with roaming, Wifi Finder (iTunes - Google Play) is just fine for you.

In fact, thanks to geo-localisation via GPS of your smartphone, it will be able to show you the free and rearest wi-fi hotspots on a simple and intuitive map. Perfect to always be in touch with the world, wherever you are.Wi-fi Finder


Among Social Networks and instant messaging Apps, we are no longer used to the typical ritual of the postcard to our relatives or friends from our place of holidays.

A practice which is certainly longer and more expensive for the senders, but surely more “romantic” for those receiving the postcards.

Postagram (iTunes - Google Play) combines the best of the two worlds.

This is, in fact, a free app which, at a cheap price, can send your customised postcard to any address in the world, with the picture taken from your smartphone, with a customised dedication. Ideal for not losing the goods habits.Postagram


Sky Scanner

You want to know at what time will your flight leave, or if it’s delayed? You want to make a surprise to your friends or relatives, and let you find at Arrivals terminal of the airport, and welcome with open arms? 

Sky Scanner (iTunes - Google Play) is the right app for you.

You will have all information on flight schedules at your fingertips, for all the greatest airports in the world.

In order to always be in the right place at the right moment.Sky Scanner

XE Currency

Euro has unified the currency in most part of Western Europe, making useless, for travels within its boundaries, the practice of currency exchange.

But, if you are long-distance travellers, you might wish to keep an eye to your expenses, based on the local currency, either US Dollars, Yens, Rubles or other currency. 

XE Currency (XE Currency iTunes - Google Play) is a simple yet useful app, an always updated currency converter that will become your trusted expense companion. Ideal for never be busted.XE Currency

Onavo Count

When you are travelling, you will often be in the condition to use your data plan for surfing, using the Social Networks and receiving e-mails or messages from your smartphone. However, it is often difficult to understand how to use our data traffic at our disposal, and there the risk to stay dry.

Onavo Count (iTunes - Google Play) is an app featured by a captivating design, which will help you to monitor the use of your data connection, sharing consumptions by category and by apps. Perfect to use in combination with Wifi Finder.Onavo Count

Travel Apps for Windows Phone

Below you will find the ranking of the TOP 5 Travel Apps for Windows Phone, the recent mobile OS by Microsoft, according to Cagliari Holidays’ editorial staff.

Wifi in the surroundings

Let us begin immediately, with an App, integrated into the O.S: for the newer 8.1 version of Windows Phone.

Through the GPS integrated in your smartphone, this app will be able to show you the wi-fi hotspots in the surroundings via Microsoft Map, as well as saving your costs on data consumptions, connecting to hotspots automatically, and performing some operations for you, like accepting the terms and conditions of use of the service, where necessary, provide a name, an e-mail address or telephone number to connect.

In addition, you may also share the access credentials with your contacts in Outlook, Skype and Facebook autonomously. Ideal for travelling without worries!Wi-fi nearness

Flightradar 24 Free

Change your smartphone display in a true control tower.

With Flightradar 24 Free Free you will be able to:

  1. See, real-time, the movements of almost any flight in the world
  2. Know the flight number and specific flight information
  3. Search flights
  4. Take advanced of Enhanced Reality to locate flights in the sky
  5. See the images of innumerous flights

The perfect app to know where is your flight, easily. For the real lovers of aviation.Flightradar 24 Free

Here Transit

The Here package, powered by Nokia is one of the most complete available on the market, as regards to maps and moiving.

The version Here Transit, for public transport, is no fewer. With this intuitive app, you can easily find the public transport schedules and information, all over the world, based on where and when you want to get to your destination.

Either a bus, a tram or a boat, Here Transit will always provide you with the right information for “not missing the train”.Here Transit

Lumia Panorama

Smartphone, as well as pocket computers, are nowadays also powerful cameras that may easily replace a compact “point and shoot”. What limits this capability is the optic compartment, which often is below expectations, expecially when taking pictures of landscapes.

Luckily, there is an app for this. Lumia Panorama, through the GPS technology, will enable you to shoot pictures of the landscape, which will be later gathered via software, making an unique, picturesque and extended panoramic image. Available on Lumia devices only.Lumia Panorama


The language can often be an obstacle which is hard to overcome when travelling but, thanks to Windows Phone Translator you can leave this issue behind.

This is, in fact, a portable and complete translation system that can translate:

  1. A text typed by the user
  2. A text framed by the camera taking advantage of the Enhanced Reality technology
  3. The voice of the speaker via voice recognition

Also, you may download offline translation packages, in order to not need the availability of internet connection. The straight design and intuitive operation are the two strong points of this very useful app.Windows Phone Translator

Cagliari Holidays

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