20 Oct A walk at the Public Gardens of Cagliari

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Accomplice the beautiful day and Spring, now prevailing on the memory of the Winter cold with its colours and perfumes, I decided to take a walk along the Public Gardens of Cagliari, in Largo Dessì.

It was very easy to get there, thanks to the public buses: I just took line 6 of CTM, offering a stop nearby the Gardens. First, I was impressed by the beauty of the landscape I enjoyed from the near Walk on the embankment and, next, the entrance portal to the gardens, with rationalistic traits, combining the features of Mediterranean tradition as the pergola, with elements of the avant-garde.

Entering the Public Gardens, the sight is equally beautiful. I find a French-style garden with a long lane ending in an impressive building I long to visit. A pair of budgerigars (possibly escaped from a cage) pick a fight for a bread crumb in front of me.

On both sides of the lane, there are age-old trees and works of art crossing an historical period between the Roman age and the 70’s of the past century. This is, beyond all doubts, the ideal place for a Summer walk, sheltered against the sun, under the leafy branches offering a sensation of coolness and wellness.

Speaking about hot, I feel very thirsty and, once found the Wifi and newspaper review, services, offered for free by the Municipality of Cagliari, I enjoy a cool drink in the refreshment point available into the park, and I sit onto one of the benches nearby the fountains in front of the great building at the end of the lane, the Gallery of Art.

I do not miss the opportunity to visit the Ingrao Collection, and a kind person offers me to serve as my guide, explaining in detail every painting exhibited. The building is remarkable, but its contents is even more. We range from the artists of Sardinia, linked to the taditions of the island, to the fururist and suprematiste, from Morandi’s crystalised metaphysical spaces to Balla’s concept of speed and movement.

While greeting me after a long but not heavy path in the Gallery, me to visit the nearby church of San Lorenzo, where Mass is celebrated every Sunday morning.

I leave the Municipal Gallery and go along the small climb on the right, and once again, I am impressed by the richness of this place. I am in front of a quarry, cut in hard rock, which I find out to be an ancient site of the Middle Ages, as well as a testimony of World War II. In fact, this place was used as a shelter by the population of Cagliari during the bombings of 1943. I go uphill the path and, upon trespassing a small square where it is possible to rest, I arrive in front of the San Lorenzo church, dated from 13th century.

Surely, it is not an opulent church, it is far from the splendour of the Cathedral or of the Basilica of Bonaria, it is very simple and yet endowed with inherent beuty, almost like a rural church. As if it were not enough, the city of Cagliari wants to make me one last gift before I complete my walk, which is the wonderful landscape enjoyable from top of Colle di Buon Cammino, where I am.

My sight can range from Mountains Sette Fratelli to Molentargius , from Salt marshes to the Poetto shores, and all of the small villages and towns to the East of Cagliari.

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