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A splendid view of the sea in Cagliari A splendid view of the sea in Cagliari Cagliari Holidays

In this article, we will introduce you the ten best beaches in Cagliari and its surroundings, to find out the most enchanting spots of the Southern coast of Sardinia.

In fact, Cagliari, located into the Gulf of Angels, has a central position with respect to the most beautiful tourist places of the Southern coast, which makes it an ideal point of departure.

The first beach we want to talk about is exactly the Poetto, the widest beach, attended by the inhabitants of Cagliari and by tourists. This is a long and wide beach, equipped with any service for the guests, with bars, showers, rest rooms, restaurants, sports activities and much more. Easy to reach from the historical centre of Cagliari, Poetto is a real urban beach, ideal for a break along the year.

Poetto beach

If you prefer smalled and aparted beaches, where you can enjoy the picturesque nature of Sardinian coasts, pay a visit to Calamosca and Cala Fighera, located on the opposite side of the Saddle of the Devil, with respect to Poetto. Calamosca, located at the base of the promontory of Saint Elia (another name of the Saddle of the Devil), is the beach for those who love the white and finest sand, with few pebbles and a crystal-clear sea, where it is wonderful to dive with mask and fins. Not too far away, you may find another natural pearl of Cagliari, Calafighera, a small inlet of pebbles distinguished for the high rocky sandstone cliffs. Here the most brave usually attempvery dangerous and spectacular dives (that we do not recommend you) into a turquoise-coloured sea that will leave you an indelible memory of our city. 7

Campu Longu VillasimiusBound towards VillasimiusCosta Rei, in Quartu Sant'Elena location, not too far one from the other, we find three beaches of an enchanting beauty.

The first is Cala Regina, made of tied stones and rocks, giving along the whole year a crystal-clear sea where you can spend the days outdoor. The low seabed smoothly slopes towards a sandy layer, while the inlet is surrounded by cliffs featuring it of a wild beauty also thanks to the luxuriant maquis.

The next is the Shore de Is Canaleddus, taking its name from the channels gathering rainwater. the rocky littoral of this beach gives the sea colours ranging from turquoise to light blue which, along with the natural frame of the location, will change a simple day at the seaside in a breathtaking show. A feature of the beach is the eucalyptus and juniper pine-wood, useful points of restoration during the hottest hours.

The latest of the three, in the surroundings of Geremeas, is the beach of Mari Pintau, featured by a a sandy and clean shore. The sea is mostly crystal-clear, with changing colours, and exactly this colour feature gives the name of “mari pintau”, literally “painted sea”, mainly due to the refraction of sun beams with water and the seabed.

The beach of Mari Pintau

In the oppositee direction instead, towards Chia – Domus de Maria, we find some real treasures of the Southern-Western coast of Sardinia, that can compete with many other renowned locations of the Island.

The first beach, Westbound, of which we want to talk about is that of Nora, renowned for its famous archaeological excavations of Roman and Punic epoch, as well as for the most important procession of Cagliari, Saint Efisio, finding here the final stop of its yearly pilgrimage. The beach provides the essential services to the guests, like a crystal-clear sea where you may practice snorkelling among the sandbanks near the shore, where, in Winter, break the high waves beloved by local surfers.

Sa Colonia Chia LagunaContinuing Westwards, along the littoral, we find a group of beaches, generically associated to the area of Chia, in location Domus de Maria.

The first one we recommend to visit is the designated as Su Giudeu, the true beach of Chia, in the surrounding of the Tower bearing the same name, from where you can see the ruins of the Phoenician city of Bithia. The beach is connected to that of S'Aqua Durci (sweet water) and consists of a finest white sandy shore giving to the sea tones of green and turquoise, emphasised by the cleanliness of water, whose depth slopes gradually, making of Su Giudeu the perfect beach for children.

Not too far,we find the nice and parted Bay of Cala Cipolla, divided from Chia by a high promontory, covered with maquis. The small inlet has the appearance of a natural swimming pool, with crystal-clear water, whitest sand and a total lack of sea plants. The rocks surrounding the small beach endow the sunset with picturesque light contrasts.

Beach of Tuerredda

The Western beach of this small rank, last but not least of course, is the beach of Tuerredda, located between Malfatano and Spartivento Capes, considered one of the most beautiful in Sardinia, for its ivory-coloured sand and the transparency of its waters, recalling a Caribbean landscape. As usual, the inlet is crowned by luxuriant maquis and, in front, is located the small island from which it takes its name, that you can reach even swimming. The most sportive may enjoy some time in a natural oasis in full peace and relax.

Cagliari is the perfect place from where you can leave, at the discovery of the most beautiful beaches of the Southern coast. 

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