25 May Best pizza places in Cagliari

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Best pizza in Cagliari Best pizza in Cagliari Cagliari Holidays

One thousand ways to taste your pizza in Cagliari, for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Cagliari is the ideal destination for those loving pizza in every shape and types. Some types of pizzas you will find are original and exclusive from this city, and you will not find anywhere else. This is because everybody loves pizza in Cagliari, it is a symbol of meeting with friends, with cheerful evenings; and actually most of local pizza restaurants are focused on this traditional Italian preparation.

You may really find it anywhere: in the many pizzerias of Cagliari distinguished for innumerous variants on doughs and ingredients, in restaurants equipped with wood-fired oven offering pizza in their menu, in fast-foods offering take-away pizza and calzoni, and even in bars, where you will find the emblem of the originality of the pizza of Cagliari, the "pizzetta sfoglia".

Where you may eat pizza in Cagliari and some useful hints

Eating pizza for dinner

Wood oven for pizzaThe goodness of pizza in Cagliari comes, first of all, from the great dissemination of wood-fired ovens, which almost every pizzeria has, since it enriches the pizza with a strong and unmistakeable taste. Some offer the standard Napoli style pizza, with high edges, featuring a soft, inflated dough, achieved thanks to a long leavening of a dough made with 0 and 00 type flours.

Instead, other pizzerias, meet the taste of those who love the very thin and crunchy pizza, achieved by flattering the dough made by flour and semolina, until it is very thing. With respect to seasoning of pizza, this is of your own choice, without interference, based on your own taste and instinct in front of the menu. If we may recommend something typical, we invite you try the pizza with sea-urchins, seafood, beloved by Sardinian culture, or that with artichokes (fresh) and bottarga.

Eating pizza at lunch or for a quick snack: the fast-food “Pizzetterie”

Eating pizza in CagliariThe take-away pizzetta is the most disseminated type of street food in Cagliari. Unlike other Italian regions, in Cagliari, the pizzetta is served exclusively “enrolled”. Preparation starts from a big tray where the dough is set and seasoned with tomato sauce, then cooked in electric ovens capable of reaching very high temperatures.

When half-cooked, the base of the pizza is removed from the oven and seasoned with mozzarella cheese and other seasonings of your choice, then again in the oven until cooking is completed. When ready, the pizza is cut in squares, enrolled individually, enclosing the seasoning like a sandwich.

Since they are cooked and served immediately, we recommend you let the pizzetta cool down a little before eating, so as to avoid unpleasant burnings with hot mozzarella cheese, or, you may take into account the pizzette ready on the counter, that you can eat immediately.

Another hint is to always check the waxed paper around the pizzetta after you eat, in fact, in most cases, it preserves inside a treasure of melted mozzarella cheese coming from the pizzetta, a true delicacy for your palate.

Eating pizza for breakfast or as an apetiser: Bars and bakeries

Pizzetta sfoglia of CagliariEven in the bakeries of Cagliari you may find a wind range of pizzas, focaccias and calzoni. This is because, in the event of celebrations and feasts, the catering service often offers small pizzas made Napoli style, with the diameter of a can, and small pizzette sfoglia.

The latter are the salted variant of breakfast in Cagliari at bars, present in every bar of the city and exclusively in Southern Sardegna. You will not find these anywhere in Italy, these are puff pastry delicacies enclosing inside a filling of tomato sauce and often also a caper and an anchovy as a surprise.

This is called a surprise because it is located in a not specified point of the pizzetta, and when you eat, this will be a delicious explosion of salty taste for your mouth. Our hint is to have it for breakfast, maybe just removed from the oven, or slightly heatened, accompanied with a fruit juice for an excellent contrast of sweet and salty flavours.

Our journey to the discovery of pizza in Cagliari stops here for the moment; you will soon find some hints concerning where you may taste the best pizzas of this type.

Enjoy your meal




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