Monuments of Cagliari

The city of Cagliari boosts numerous historic and artistic monuments, result of the different populations that succeeded for thousands of years between dominations and trade routes, leaving a testimony of their culture. In this section there are the most famous monuments of Cagliari, from archaeological sites and the most important architectural artifacts.

Cripta di San Restituta a Cagliari

Crypt of Saint Restituta

The Crypt of Saint Restituta, located in via Sant’Efisio in Cagliari, is an underground environment above which was founded the Church of Saint Restituta, today under restoration. The tradition identifies this cavity as the place where Saint Restituta was martyred.

Exmà Cagliari Consorzio Camù Arte
  • Via S. Lucifero, 71 - 09127 Cagliari
  • Phone: + 39 070 666399
  • Bus: 1 - M - 29

Exmà Camù Art Consortium

The Exmà is an artistic and cultural centre of the Municipality of Cagliari. It is located in the ancient neighbourhood of Villanova, in the centre of Cagliari, in Via San Lucifero, and runs along via Sonnino.

Grotta della vipera a Cagliari

Cave of the Viper

The archeological site of Grotta della Vipera (Cave of the Viper) is a sepulchre dug in the rock near the Phoenician-Punic necropolis of Tuvixeddu.

Anfiteatro romano di Cagliari

The Roman Amphitheatre of Cagliari

The Roman amphitheatre is the most important and magnificent building, not only of Roman Cagliari, but of whole Sardinia of that time. Built in different phases, between the first and the second century A.D., it is located in via Sant’Ignazio da Laconi in Cagliari.

Area archeologica di Sant'Eulalia
  • Vico del Collegio, 2 Cagliari
  • Phone: +39 070 663724

The archaeological site of St. Eulalia

The archaeological area and the museum of the treasure of Saint Eulalia form the MUTSEU of Cagliari, and arise in the neighbourhood of La Marina, nearby the harbour of the city. 

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