Monuments of Cagliari

The city of Cagliari boosts numerous historic and artistic monuments, result of the different populations that succeeded for thousands of years between dominations and trade routes, leaving a testimony of their culture. In this section there are the most famous monuments of Cagliari, from archaeological sites and the most important architectural artifacts.

Palazzo delle Seziate

Seziate Palace in Cagliari

The Seziate Palace, from the early twentieth century until about 1985, housed the collection of the National Art Gallery of Cagliari. It currently houses the offices of the Superintendence of Archaeological Heritage for the provinces of Cagliari and Oristano.

Palazzo Regio (Palazzo Reale)
  • Piazza Palazzo, 2 - 09100 Cagliari
  • Phone: +39 070 522588 / 522581
  • Bus: 7

Regal Palace of Cagliari (Royal Palace)

The Viceregio Palace, dating back to the Pisan period, raises in the historic neighbourhood of Castello.

Passeggiata Panoramica del Terrapieno di Cagliari
  • viale Regina Elena (Terrapieno), Cagliari
  • Bus: 6 - 7 - 10

Overview Walk of Embankment of Cagliari

The Embankment of Cagliari is an outdoor panoramic promenade stretching along the boulevard througout via Regina Elena.

Passeggiata Panoramica di Buoncammino a Cagliari
  • Viale Buoncammino, Cagliari
  • Bus: 8 - 20

Walk Overview Buoncammino to Cagliari

The panoramic walk of Buoncammino offers to the visitors a regenerating walk in the plains, but in elevated position, protected from the warm sunbeams of Cagliari thanks to the boughs of its trees under which there are numerous benches and fountains for little refreshments, as well as bar kiosks offering food and fresh beverage until late night.

Piazza Yenne
  • Piazza Yenne, Cagliari
  • Bus: 1 - 8

Yenne Square

Yenne Square is among the most famous squares of the City of Cagliari. Thanks to its central location, it is a place of worship both for the inhabitants of Cagliari, and for the many tourists.

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