Monuments of Cagliari

The city of Cagliari boosts numerous historic and artistic monuments, result of the different populations that succeeded for thousands of years between dominations and trade routes, leaving a testimony of their culture. In this section there are the most famous monuments of Cagliari, from archaeological sites and the most important architectural artifacts.

Torre dell'Elefante

Elephant Tower

The Tower of the Elephant reaches 31 metres of height which, considering the torrino as well, become 35, and from which it is possible to admire a wonderful landscape dominating the neighbourhood of Stampace and ranges to the coast area of Chia and Nora.

Torre di San Pancrazio

St Pancras Tower

The Tower of San Pancrazio, adjacent to the Palazzo delle Seziate in the historic neighbourhood of Castello, is one of the most visited panoramic points in Cagliari and, along with the Tower of the Elephant was one of the two entrance gates to the citadel.

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