Il Museo delle cere anatomiche Clemente Susini di Cagliari

The Susini Museum of Cagliari boosts an exhibition of anatomical wax models among the most realist and interesting in the world.

Statement of the arm from the museum of wax anatomical CagliariThe models were created between 1803 and 1805 by the Florentine was modeller Clemente Susini inspired by corpses sectioned by the Sardinian anatomist Francesco Antonio Boi. As well as for the didactic function, representing the main apparatus and organs of human beings, the waxes by Clemente Susini feature a faithful reproduction of death, expressed through the inanimate complexions and the relaxed bodies depicted.

History of anatomic waxes

In 1801 Francesco Boi was sent by the Viceroy Carlo Felice of Savoy to enhance the Anatomy studies in the Peninsula. After several visits in the best university and hospital institutes, Boi arrives at Florence and, by order of the Viceroy, commissions some anatomic waxes to Susini.

Prospectus throat from the museum of wax anatomical CagliariThe works were performed along two years, engaging Francesco Boi in the dissections of corpses and of the different organs, Clemente Susini in the faithful reproduction in wax. These arrive in Cagliari in 1806 and, after almost two centuries, during which they were exposed in different museums and used ad didactic materials, they were moved in the Pentagon Hall of the Citadel of Museums, where they are still nowadays exposed in a permanent exhibition.

The exhibition of anatomic waxes

The Collection consists of 23 panels which represent dissected parts of the human body, highlighting the constituent organs and apparatus . Among these, the most complete ones are two panels representing the head and the chest of the corpse of a woman and of a man. The panels can be grouped in 6 themes:

  • General and microscopic Anatomy
  • Muscles
  • Muscles and vessels with preparation of left pectoral lymph nodes
  • Nerves and Vessels
  • Sensory system
  • Abdominal and pelvic viscera

Room museum of wax anatomical Cagliari

What to visit in the surroundings of the Museum of Anatomic waxes in the Citadel of Museums in Cagliari

The Citadel of Museums is located in the Square that hosts the Tower of Saint Pancrazio and the annexed Palace of Seziate. Not far, we can find the Panoramic walk of Viale Buon Cammino, the Former City Palace, the Viceroy Palace and the Cathedral of Cagliari.




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